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Mural at Ralph's

Check out Ralph's artistic masterpiece, which showcases a pink Cadillac from the 1950s, a welcoming "Welcome to Westfield" banner, and the iconic Woolworth's, echoing a time when family and togetherness were paramount.

Envisioned by Cathy Jensen, the mural not only celebrates the past with its 1950s-inspired scenes but also honors the resilience of the 2020 student class, adding a touch of inspiration and history to the local landscape. This mural invites everyone to relish moments of connection and reminiscence in the heart of Westfield.

Cool Vibes!
Window Art at Ralph's

Experience art that celebrates universal values at Ralph's Famous Italian Ices in Westfield.

Adorning the windows is artwork that embodies brotherhood, peace, happiness, and community.

"Crafted to welcome all, each piece is inscribed in various languages, creating an inclusive atmosphere that invites everyone to experience the joy of unity and the warmth of a shared smile."
    ~ Cathy Jensen, Owner of Ralph's Ice

Ralph's Window Art in the Making
Ralph's Window Art in the Making

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A Family Tradition

About Ralph's of Westfield

Delighting taste buds since 1928, Ralph's Famous Italian Ices and Ice Cream is now serving up its cherished flavors in Westfield. With a rich history that began on Staten Island, Ralph's has become a beloved tradition, offering an extraordinary variety of Italian ice, cream ice, and ice creams. Under the guidance of Cathy Jensen, our Westfield location embodies a special blend of community, joy, and delicious indulgence.

Why Ralph's Stands Out

  • Decades of Tradition: A 90-year legacy of crafting the perfect scoop.
  • Innovative Flavors: Our selection is unmatched from classic cherry to exotic passionfruit, featuring timeless favorites and exciting new tastes.
  • Community & Convenience: Ralph's is situated in the heart of Westfield. It enthusiastically embraces its role in the community and offers a safe, welcoming space for everyone to enjoy.

Our store is more than just a place for chill treats; it's a local landmark where art meets sweet indulgence. Thanks to local artist Richard Janusz, visitors can enjoy a vibrant mural celebrating Westfield's spirit, echoing our commitment to community and culture.

Experience the joy of Ralph's, where every visit is a journey through a world of flavor, nostalgia, and community spirit!

Ralphs Truck
Ralphs Store Front
Ralphs Store Front
Ralph's New Westfield Location - Owner Cathy Jensen

Where To Find Us



SUNDAY 12 PM - 10 PM
524 Central Avenue,
Westfield NJ 07090


We're as passionate about our customers as we are about crafting delightful chilled treats. Share your Ralph’s moments with us! Tag your photos, and we’ll feature them on our social pages.